I worked for a company in which two co-workers would take dueling days off, lol. One guy would call in sick on a Tuesday and the following day the other guy would call in sick. This happened with vacations too. Once one of them scheduled his vacation, the other guy would follow up and take the following week off. This was so bizarre to me, I have never experienced this in my life but seemed to be an ongoing joke in the department.

I started working for a company about 6 years ago and low and behold, something similar started happening to me. Not so much when I take a sick day but when I take a vacation. After my first year I took a week long vacation. Upon my return, my co-worker took off the Monday I returned. Obviously, it wasn’t this single episode that stuck out like a sore thumb but the rate of how often it happened over the course of six years.

In recent times, due to convenience to me, instead of taking a week long vacation, I have been taking long weekends. Generally I will take a vacation day on Friday and Monday and just take weekend trips. I wondered if this would change the behavior of my colleague. Now I see he will either take the day before off, the day I return and/or a partial day on Friday or Monday. I’m not so much bothered by it but I just find this type of behavior… a bit bizarre. It’s like a retaliatory day off, lol. And no, I do not take time off before, in the middle of, or when he returns from vacations or time off.

Is this a thing? Have other people experienced this?