Maybe it’s just me but before I post anything that a third-party has claimed, I will do a quick “fact check”. You know the deal, if two thousand people “like” a post, Microsoft will pay for little Billy’s brain transplant. When I see these posts, I politely tell these people that they have been snookered.

Recently an acquaintance shared a post from another person concerning sending letters out in favor of President Donald Trump’s “Congressional Reform act of 2017“. When I read it, it sounded a great deal of something I heard from Warren Buffet. It tends to get circulated around each year, each time it circulates, it contains different edits but similar language. I politely explained that this not attributable to Trump and that this “Reform Act” has been circulating for years.

In true political bias, my acquaintance says “We must give Trump credit where credit is due”. I respond by saying that I too agree that credit should be given where credit is due but in this case, the claim being made is false. There is no Congressional Reform act of 2017, nor did Trump pen any of it. I agree that congress and the political system could certainly use reform.

What I was not expecting was the reply my acquaintance penned. I’m going to paraphrase for a reason I will get into later. This person commended Trump on being a great president. “He’s rich, successful. He is of good quality. I can tell when I look at his children, his marriage(s), his children are good people”. My acquaintance said she was interested in my view and that she see’s all sides.

Me? I like to sit in the middle. Politics seems to be a practice of dividing people. I know she has a religious streak, so I put my word in language she might understand. I mention that I wonder if religion took over politics or politics is taking over religion. If you are an Evangelical Christian, You will vote for whoever tells you they go to church on Sunday, they are anti-abortion and who tell you they have your best interest at heart… These claims generally come from the Conservative party they follow. It doesn’t matter, really, who the candidate is. They could be a womanizer, they could be fraternizing with porn stars…. It was at this point where I suggested since she see’s all sides that she is probably aware of the negative aspects of Donald Trump. To be fair, I also mentioned the Liberal side of things. That a Liberal likely would not vote for someone who is pushing religion. A second post I made said that our political system was in disrepair – that our politicians are suppose to work for ALL people but just pander to their base. I tried to keep a middle ground approach to the topic but I just thought it was weird that she took exception to me just posting a snopes type article. I wasn’t necessarily bashing Trump, just giving her the facts.

A day went by and I figured the conversation was over. I noticed she responded the following day at 3am. It seemed to be an incoherent mess. She was asking me who was better? Who was worse? Then she made another rambling remark about how wonderful Trump was doing.

I basically explained to her that I had no vested interest in Trump vs. Clinton and that I felt it was strange that she jumped to defend him when all I was doing was fact checking her post. I said “For someone who claims to listen to both sides, you seem like you have already made up your own mind”.

I was running late for work when I noticed she responded. I started reading her response… and boy, I really wanted to take a screen shot of the message for future blogging material. She said that she is thankful to God for Donald Trump. That God sent Trump to save America and restore it to it’s glory. I’m paraphrasing a bit. I wanted so much to have the opportunity to respond, right then and there, but I needed to head to work. As I said, I wanted to take a screen shot and it would have been great to. I was working out a response in my head on the way to work and when I got to work, she had already deleted the entire post.

If one is to believe in Jesus, God sent his only beloved son… am I right? Why the heck would the Christian God not send a better spokesperson? To make a claim that God send Trump? I really wanted to ask her to compare Trump and Jesus and re-evaluate her comment.

….but… she delete it. I’m glad she did, what a nutter!