In the past I have blogged what I would consider a somewhat scientific afterlife (Here and Here). I think it is reasonable to state we go back to “nature”. I’m not making a claim today but I had fun thinking about it.

I arrive to work and am met by a large fly on my desk. The fly is walking around my desk as I booted up my laptop. The fly was sitting near my keyboard and I had to log in, this startled the fly somewhat and it flew onto my cubical wall, right on the sticker that is my featured image for my blog.

The fly watched me from that vantage point for a few minutes before flying back down to it’s previous landing spot. As I opened various programs, entered a few passwords, the fly explored my desk. It went right in front of my keyboard, walked under and around my monitor, flew onto my monitor and then again, it’s original landing spot.

I took my breakfast from my lunch box and tore off a small piece of the tortilla my egg was wrapped in. I left it about 6 inches away from the fly and the fly proceeded towards the offering. The fly walked on it, one of it’s antennae analyzed it for about 10 seconds before it flew up to my monitor. The picture on my monitor is of a spring flowing into a river. It landed in it’s previous landing spot, walking around a bit more before heading to my bottle of water.

In all, the fly hung out with me for atleast 20 minutes.

I’m not making a claim but in recent times between family and friends, we had four people pass away.

It’s happenstance… yet.. ya never know!