It is a show of intolerance to, upon hearing someone’s differing belief or worldview, to claim that their afterlife will be spent in some horrible place. However, it is your belief, no matter how intolerant, and you are free to believe whatever it is that you want.

The same can be said about “Creation” or the “Big Bang” or the deep thoughts of how the world came to be. An Atheist would likely scoff at the claim that a God created the universe but it does not necessarily mean an atheist believes in the Big Bang. I am content in understanding that Creation is a belief and the Big Bang is a theory, both are interesting stories but we will likely never know beyond a shadow of a doubt the facts that set this universe in motion. To even claim your belief is truth is utterly preposterous!  If you are taking a position, it is merely just a belief not factual. If you are stating it is factual, you are doing yourself a grave injustice.

I actually like my own worldview, I need not adhere to any predispositions that if I do not follow along with others, I will burn, I will suffer and I will end up some place horrible.

We all end up in the ground, our bodies decompose and we become the earth, just like all plant and animal life decompose. If you want to believe that you go to a heaven, or a hell, or some heavenly or hell realms, or to a paradise, or rewarded with virgins that would certainly be super-duper but it is all a delusion! No one truly knows what happens, they can’t report back no matter how much you pay the psychic to tell you what you want to hear.

Take pride in knowing your ancestors are now part of the earth you currently reside on. That their molecules are in the air, they are underneath your feet, that they make up part of the environment you are currently a part of. As the breeze blows and a leaf falls from a tree, they are part of the entire process. Heaven can be a beautiful place on earth. Take pride in that.

If someone wants to insist that your personal views or lack of them will result in a fiery afterlife, their brains may have developed from the part of the environment that contains the horse, cow and other animal excrement compost piles. I say that in jest but there is no reason why someone should be intolerant of your views and you should not be insulted by another person’s intolerant views. Just tell them they are being intolerant.

Focus on what we agree on and focus less on our differences.