In concept, being happy and positive is simple. In practice, sometimes it is not so simple. I have blogged before that we are a product of our environment, if you had a difficult life, maybe you have become “hardened”, a bit gruff and think that if you drop your guard, someone is going to come in and hurt you. You feel defensive and your “default reaction” is often negative. Snap out of it! How can you change from being unhappy to happy? or Negative to positive? You do so by writing your own story. Write a story about your future self and envision the person you wish to be. This is not going to happen overnight, it is an ongoing process. You will slip up, fall back on the negative. Learn from that slip up and continue on your path to happiness.

You often hear people say, “It’s all in your mind” and that is very true. How can two people look at a child playing in a store and come up with two different conclusions? “The child is being loud and annoying!” vs. “That child is really enjoying the toy isle!”. Which sounds like a more positive story? The same is true when you wait on line. You thoughts can turn to impatience, frustration and anger! Or you can use that time positively. Sometimes I pop my ear buds in and listen to a soothing meditation song. When I first started down this path it wasn’t easy. You may find that you cannot help but think impatient and negative thoughts when you find yourself in a specific situation, acknowledge it. As long as you recognize it, you can take steps to improve the thoughts in your mind. Listen to music, look at the magazine that is sitting by the checkout counter, look outside at the sunshine and smile! There are other options than being impatient (or negative, or angry). With work, you can easily handle these situations better.

I took this from my class notes: We need to train our minds to be good and wholesome. Our mind creates the entire experience. By controlling and training our minds, we can feel empowered and we can create the world we wish to see. Nothing exists outside the mind, what we see, are from our thoughts.

Our thoughts can be delusional… I know that sounds like a strong word but let’s look at the definition:

impose a misleading belief upon (someone); deceive; fool:

Do your thoughts ever mislead you? You may think a flower is blue but a friend in a better light may be able to confirm it is purple. Your mind may have told you throughout your life that waiting on a line is a horrible experience or a child should be seen and not heard! Negative responses can be considered delusional. Your mind is imposing a misleading belief upon you.

It is quite simple:

“Become the person you wish to be”.

Why not start the process today?