Just because this is my third blog on Happiness does not mean I am happy and positive all the time. It’s been a year of learning and figuring things out as I went along. There have been times of frustration when I would see that I was being negative and wondering how I can turn things around.

How to turn things around, that’s huge. How do you do it? It takes practice, there is no simple answer for every situation and sometimes you need to develop different mindsets to go with those varying situations. I mentioned a few in the last blog, Learn how to handle yourself when you are impatiently waiting on a line, when you are driving in your car and working with others. Over 10 years ago I experienced a spell of panic/anxiety attacks, medicine helped me back then, today I am helping myself.

Through my current journey, I realize that I have certain behaviors that emerge depending on situations I am in. While this is a small sample, during public speaking, I would slightly rock back and forth. When having a conversation with a boss or someone I might perceive as being a higher up, I felt timid, my conversations were simple and to the point instead of having a relaxed conversation. I could feel my grip tighten on the steering wheel when driving to and through a high traffic city. My previous examples in blogs of me getting impatient or angry when driving, these too can be a sign of certain behaviors arising from levels of nervousness. When you find examples of this, write them down! Work on them!

In the case of impatience or anger when driving, just the practice of being mindful of it, understanding I was not in a rush, understanding that the person in front of me may be having their own issues, really helped me to relax and see things more clearly. Driving in high traffic areas, I just listen to some meditation music. I still have emergences of impatience and anger but they happen less often now, it takes time and mindful practice.

You can learn to keep a peaceful state of mind and you can change how you see things.

Temporary Happiness is a pitfall that I spoke about previously. Temporary happiness is just that, Short lived. We need to find everlasting happiness. Everlasting happiness comes from our thoughts by abandoning negativity.

Origins and Elimination of Suffering The principle cause of our problems comes from our minds, they do not come from external sources. You choose your reaction in the way you respond to things. Purify you mind!

I am probably jumping around a bit because I’m trying to piece together the remainder of my thoughts. With that in mind, on my desk on a sticky note are the following words (Part of the “Ten Attainments”, I believe) :

True Sincerity to Others
Purity of Mind
Proper Understanding
Compassion in Helping Others

They are especially helpful because I work in an office in which the employee base need my assistance. These are good principles to work with. I mentioned the “gruff” person in my previous blog and I’d like to tie that in a bit here. I have talked about making your world a better place by making the world around you better. As my example shows, it can be done! However, if your mind is clouded with anger and negativity, it won’t come easy. We truly cannot free others from suffering when we have so much suffering of our own. However, as you rid yourself of the anger, of the negativity and have a more peaceful mind, it truly benefits the people around you. THEY WILL TAKE NOTICE! As you learn, you can teach others. I write this blog to get a better concept of the Buddhist teachings and by the comments I get, I think reading my blog helps other people too.

Make the world a better place by starting with you!