Ugh! I have to de-stress and thus you will hear the tale of my tax filing! I got divorced in the beginning of 2018 and through the process, I wanted to make sure I did all the right things. Because there was a house involved and 401k’s, I knew the implications on taxes would be extremely important.

I went to see a Financial advisor, he was a friend of a friend, so it really wasn’t too expensive. I learned a great deal from just sitting with him. I made sure that I paid my tax on any 401k distributions, I had my employer take a little bit extra out on my taxes, I even put money aside for my son’s college savings plan. Even though I felt confident, I wasn’t sure what tax day would bring.

I had carefully planned as best I could and put all my tax documents together. As I went through my federal tax, I couldn’t believe I would get some money back! I owed a ton in state tax but thanks to putting money into my son’s 529 (college savings plan) I wasn’t in bad shape. I only owed like $300 in taxes. Then I went to file electronically. Of course I tried to be as accurate as possible and went over my taxes twice. I submitted! I immediately went online to pay my state income tax and received an email confirmation that I kept in my records.

My ex-wife filed a few days later but when the tax preparer electronically filed her taxes, they received notification back that someone already filed a tax return under her name. A hacker? She finds out that I filed a tax return with her name on it! I’m flabbergasted, did I make a mistake? I looked at my printed tax forms and no where on it had her name, or social security.. or anything for that matter! I filed Single. The following day I called the “State” to find out what was going on. They claimed that I have filed a married return. I had my tax return in front of me and told them that simply was not the case! I read off everything on my return. The state wanted me to fax them printed copies and mark them “amended” which I did.

My ex-wife did file estimated returns which, I suppose, COULD have been under both our names since we received the coupons from the previous tax year. So we did make sure we wrote a letter to the state (and fax) making sure they were clear that the estimated tax payments that were sent out actually applied to her taxes. In hindsight, I was pretty smart to point out that the tax payment of $300 should be applied to my account. Long story short, she was finally able to file her taxes! We are in the clear, right?

Wrong! A letter went out about my taxes and it was sent addressed to me and my ex-wife at her address. It was in regards to MY taxes. I contacted the state again and I think the issue all along is that when I filed my taxes, they made the mistake of assuming I was still married. That’s why they were so confused every time I called them and they told me “you filed married”, I had to keep correcting them that this was not the case. Coincidentally, every time I have to deal with the state Motor Vehicle, I have the same problem. I change my license and title into my own name. When I went to change my registration, I had to jump through hoops to get my ex-wifes name off of it. I was under the assumption that after several correspondence, that once and for all we had this situation rectified….

….but it wasn’t. I received a letter stating I owe $1000. I looked at their paperwork and they never gave me the credit for my son’s 529c college savings plan… which was a $1000 credit. Even though I had already gave them the account number and the documentation, they totally disregarded it. I talked to another rep and she said “easy, just send us a statement” which I did.

So, here it is August and I received two letters from the state. The first letter I opened and it said that the correction for the 529c was made and I don’t need to do anything else. YAY!!!!! The second letter stated that I never remitted the $300 I owed….ugh! I call them the next day and mention that I made a $300 payment on February 1st. The rep was nice and told me within 24-72 hours my account would be credited!!! I am so happy!

…until I wasn’t! Ha ha. The rep called me back at the end of the day to say the $300 was credited to “Someone else”. The rep wouldn’t tell me who that “someone else” was but I figured it was to my ex-wife. I tried to explain that was my payment for taxes owed but the rep just kept saying “your not understanding me”, that they couldn’t take that payment from someone else’s account and put towards mine and that it was a “civil matter”. I asked “so, I have to sue my ex-wife for the money I paid to you” and the rep said “I’m not saying that”. So I explain to the rep that I have documentation that was sent to them back in March which shows which payment goes to which person and I could send it to her the next day. She says she will go through it and give me a call.

The next day, I had the letter in my hand and called the state. It was about 3pm and I hadn’t heard from the rep yet. I get someone else and explain the situation, stating I have the letter in my hand and …she put me on hold. The rep says she can easily take care of the issue… until she couldn’t. She got a supervisor and apparently the supervisor was familiar with the situation. I joked around with the rep and supervisor that I’ll be happy by the end of the call when my taxes are all set. The rep says something about leaving at 4:30pm so she has plenty of time to take care of it.

So they claim the $300 was credited to my account but I owe $309!?!? But the letter I received the day before said that I didn’t remit my $300 (which I did). So they put me on a brief hold. Then the supervisor comes back online and makes sure I’m still holding. The rep says “My supervisor is going up and beyond for you… I still don’t understand why you filed two tax returned”, to which I explained that I filed electronically and then the rep I was speaking to at the time wanted me to fax over an amended return… that’s why you have two copies. I was put on hold again while I assumed they worked on my return. 40 minutes go by, I’m listening to hold music, it’s getting awfully close to 4:30pm…. I had just send my ex-wife a message about it and mentioned that they leave at 4:30pm… so they had to give me an answer if they were leaving, right??

4:28pm… (((CLICK))) The phone disconnects. I’m slightly mortified that they kept me on hold for an hour and that’s how they dealt with a customer.

Let’s get this straight, I owe $1000 on my return but they didn’t process my $1000 credit. $1000-$1000=0 …Right? $300 owed on taxes, yet a $300 payment made made =$0. Why is it that I can do the math but the State Revenue department can’t?? Telling me I filed two returns when their own department asked me to fax over a copy is getting annoying. Continuously telling me I filed as Married and I have to continuously repeat that I didn’t, very tedious.

…all the while I have had the patience of a saint… unfortunately, I’m about to lose my $hit 🙂