2018 was a crazy year! Divorce, an attempt at rekindling a lost love… but there are subplots all along the way! This is about the girl who didn’t stick around!

I lead adventures for an adventure club… and I have never used it as a platform to meet women, partly because I was married and partly because it would be bad if I hooked up with someone as a leader and had a relationship go bad… so I never really thought about it.

The first time I met “Alexa” [name changed to protect the innocent] it was on a hike. She began the hike with us but along the way, she met up with a guy she met on a dating website. Instead of finishing the hike with us, she finished the hike with this guy. Hey…whatever 🙂

The second time I led an adventure snow shoeing. She was the first to show up, she pulled up in one of those eco-battery cars and we talked waiting for people to arrive. Through my conversation with “Siri” [Changed the name again!] I found out that she does some blogging and travels a great deal. She is an adventurer like me! Snow shoeing is slightly boring but it is such a great workout! There was some spots that the snow was really heavy and deep and I had to blaze our own trail in the snow. At one point she fell down, she was a good sport about it and someone took a picture of me helping her back up. It was a really great picture.. under the circumstances and I really found this woman attractive.

In subsequent adventures, we spent a great deal of time talking. She was recently divorced, I was recently divorced and we really hit it off and got to know each other. She knew my story and I was getting to know her story. It just seemed anytime I posted an event, she would be there. The basics of her story, she was married to a doctor and they had a house….and a lake house. She traveled a great deal and took pictures for a company for their website but at this point in time she was divorced.

I would post a “sunrise” hike and she would be there!.. I was starting to wonder. I think we both understood that we both just left a situation and life was a bit crazy at that point… I had not gone on any post divorce dates and I think she was the one to suggest it. So we went out to dinner and drove up to see a sunset. It was that time we really had a good opportunity to connect and talk. She sounded as though she came… almost from privilege. She didn’t think twice when she mentioned buying her son a vehicle… I on the other hand don’t have a great deal of money and was just hoping my son would be able to get scholarships so he could attend college. I think at some point I appreciated how much she could travel and remarked how that was something I could not afford. She mentioned growing up in a poor household, I assume, to show that not having money is nothing to be ashamed about. We had a good time that night but I think something had changed by the end of the evening. I wondered if something I said or did made me… less attractive? (And no, I didn’t do anything bad, lol)

Outside of the adventures, we would make last minute plans to see the sunrise, or we would head down to the nearby state park to see the Eagles, Pelicans, the Herron and …and.. we discovered an owl and it’s owlets in a tree. She would take awesome pictures that put my iPhone pictures to shame, lol.

Things between us trailed off, especially when she told me she was going to start using the “dating app” again. Although I was newly divorced, I still had my mind on someone else…but ugh, I really wanted her to stay in my life. She had become a friend, a confidant… and if she stuck around and we continued to get to know each other, perhaps I would be telling a different tale right now! Who knows.

Not too long ago, she posted a meme about her not needing someone to save her, that she saved herself a long time ago.. but she wanted to find someone nutty like her to adventure with and she found him… (something to that nature). I guess it cut me the wrong way as for several months, I was that nutty buddy 🙂

I’m really happy to have gotten to know her. Sad that she chose not to stick around. It’s not very often that I get THAT close to someone so, yeah, it stings. I wish her well.