I’m bored! I’m craving some social interaction! I went to New York to visit family and friends over Thanksgiving but I flew back the Friday after Thanksgiving as I had an apartment to move into. It’s been kind of crazy, I signed the lease on November 15th and flew to NY early in the morning on the 16th and have been non-stop ever since.

I moved most of my stuff into the apartment last Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I went shopping and picked up a few things for the apartment. I ordered furniture but it looks like I will be waiting another week for the furniture to arrive. For now, it’s a bean bag chair and my parents old coffee table for my living room. This is the coffee table of my youth! I remember as a child, laying underneath the table on it’s shelf.

6am this morning that I woke up and took a short walk to the Supermarket/Starbucks for a Caramel Frappuccino and breakfast. I surfed the web, watched the rain and am giving my neighbors a little time before I turn on the vacuum and start figuring out my routine for apartment living. It’s pretty quiet in this apartment complex, which I am grateful for. From camping, I know that sometimes in public campsites, ear plugs are essential, lol. But on the most part, it’s been quiet. I have an air purifier that I would run at night for some white noise, my house was about a mile from a freight line and while I got use to the noise, the sound of the air purifier did indeed help with the middle of the night sounds of the trains linking up together. I do hear the sounds of my neighbors but it is muffled, my biggest concern was yellers ๐Ÿ™‚

I really haven’t met any of my neighbors yet. There’s an old jolly guy who greeted me as my son and I were carrying up some furniture. “You must be the new guy?!”, “Yes”, I responded “Apartment 5″… and the conversation just ended as he walked away. I thought for sure the conversation would continue “My name is…”, nah. The next day as my son and I carried up a mattress, another neighbor was heading out the door (but didn’t even offer to hold the door for us), I gave a friendly “Hello” and “I’m your new neighbor”… but the response was somewhat of a “….new neighbor”. Then as I walked up the stairs and found out her door was the next one from mine, I something like “Ah, I’m your next door neighbor, Apartment 5″… I got a similar response “…apartment 5”. Ha! This morning I heard some chuckling in the hallway, it was that same neighbor manically laughing. I was looking out my window and she tossed something in the dumpster. It got stuck about half way into the dumpster and she was flailing her arms a couple of times to push it in unsuccessfully. She came back up the stairs manically laughing again. As I was leaving for work the other day, I saw another neighbor coming out of the building “Good Morning”, I said enthusiastically… but there was no response. Head down, in the car and off they went. It seems strange to me but maybe they will warm up to me eventually.

As a newly divorced guy, an apartment dweller for the first time, I know there is a great deal for me to get use to. In this past week, I have felt boredom and loneliness. My whole routine seems off. I’ve had Taco Bell for dinner 3x in the past week! …and I don’t ever eat Taco Bell! Ha ha. (Wait, was that a manic laugh?) As much as I needed to do this and be on my own, to manage on my own and find my own happiness, the struggle is real. I look forward to a time… when my sofa and dining room table get delivered… when I feel comfortable having people over at my new place. I want to socialize again. …and have to admit, I look forward to dating again. I just got to get to know the new me before I can let someone else.

I think I will do just fine!