I never did follow up with my post about faith. I figured I would add a short snippet. (I say that now, lol)

When it comes to the word faith, some theists like to fixate themselves on the word faith. They go to extents to state “everyone has faith… even atheists”. One blogger was so adamant that she started spouting off examples. “When you get in a plane, you have faith in the pilot right?”, “When you have surgery, you have faith in the doctor, right?”. “When you start your car, you have faith that it will start, right?” And so on.

Some theists will say “It takes faith to believe in God but it takes more faith to be an atheist”. When I ask a theist to expand on this, I have received two different arguments.

The first argument is that it takes more faith to NOT believe in a god than it does to believe in a god. I suppose it goes along the lines of Pascal’s Wager. This does not work for me because it doesn’t make sense. I spent a lifetime listening to people give me their god-concept and I haven’t heard one that I felt was credible. Should I believe in all the concepts or none at all? Although, I do like the idea of “Spinoza’s God”… although, why confuse the issue and call it a god at all? Let’s just call it “The Mystery of it all“.

The second argument concerns “Evolution”. Some theist/creationists pools everything from the Big Bang, Cosmology and Evolution into the term “Evolution”, I’m not sure why they don’t just say “Science”. (Some do!). The theist argues that they have faith in god and atheists have faith in Evolution. Or it takes the same amount of faith or more to believe in Evolution.

This argument also make no sense to me. As I have probably said countless times, an atheist just rejects the theists claim of a god… That’s all! There is no scientific dogma, there is no bible or instructions how to be an atheist. There is no “Book of Evolution” that tells us what we should think. Both Atheist and Theist can believe in science, it is a non-prophet organization!!! 🙂

Getting back to the word Faith. Just because I am atheist does not mean I don’t use the word faith (depending on the definition) but I don’t use it to replace trust, confidence and hope. Yes, I have hope and believe things too, I just don’t get caught up in the word games. There’s nothing like agreeing on a definition and then mid argument having someone change the definition on you.

Why do theists equate “faith” and “belief” to religious terminology only?