A couple of years ago, I received a facebook request from an old girlfriend. I was reluctant to accept it and reluctantly accepted. It had nothing to do with being unhappily married, it was just the soap opera break up and the ensuing Soap Opery Trilogy πŸ™‚ I could write a book about this relationship and as I began writing this blog, it just got TLTR!

To sum it up, I was 18 and while I hate dated many girls, she was probably my first “love”. I can understand at the end of a relationship that… obviously there may be some hurt feelings but I realized just how much of a soap opera it was…. and for the next two years of interacting with her, including flying to another state to visit her, what craziness dealing with her was. [This is the short version, I simply cannot fit the whole story in a blog, lol ]

In the years since we broke up and stopped speaking with each other, AND with the advent of social media, there was a time I was interested in seeing how she was. At the time MySpace was popular and I found her page and took a sneak peak. She was married and had a child. There was some religious tone to her posts, I never knew her to be a religious person. Apparently she had an issue that prevented her from becoming pregnant and she had a “miracle” baby, a gift from “God”. I figured this was a situation I would leave where it was.

About a year or so later, I received a (facebook) friend request from one of her old friends. I accepted it and we chatted. That peaked my interest to see how she was doing and I checked out her MySpace page again. The first thing I noticed was sonogram pictures and strangely pictures of another guy [with hearts around his photo] “This is our miracle baby! A Gift from God”….what!??! This was no longer a soap opera, it was reality TV, I wanted to tune in each week to see what was going on!

From what I could tell, it appeared she was “separated” [but I think her husband was in jail] from her husband, hooked up with this guy [who his ex-wife posted on her page a sarcastic “Good Luck”]. Apparently she was back living with her mother [More Soap Opera Stuff] and Colleen was talking “God” and her Mom was retorting something about, it’s good to BELIEVE in God but maybe she should READ the Bible sometime, lol. I think her mom was pointing out that she may believe but she certainly acting acccordingly.

The next thing I know, she is back with her husband and she is posting that they need to get the ex-boyfriend to sign paperwork so he will waive his rights to the child. The only thing I can think of was… what the heck is going on!? At some point, I just stopped watching Colleen’s Reality Show πŸ™‚

So, I got the friend request from Colleen on Facebook as I mentioned earlier. Reluctantly I accepted it. I think I was curious about what she wanted to say. She mentioned checking out my profile and noticed how I go on all these cool adventures, so I would tell her about them. I updated her on my situation, that I had a son, I was married. She mentioned to me her husband can’t hold a job, has been arrested a few times due to drug possession. She talked about her Miracle baby. How the doctors told her she couldn’t get pregnant and God gave her a “miracle”. [Stuff I already knew but figured I would get her story]

We were Facebook friends for about a month, She wanted to call to talk to me one time and reluctantly I gave her my cell number. Apparently she wasn’t happy with her husband and said “I remember how it was so much fun it was when we dated”, she was making it pretty clear, while still married, that she wanted to re-kindle with me. I thought this was the craziest thing I ever heard. I thought about her having a baby with another man while she was married and now her focus is on me. Can I get a WTF?

She knew I was atheist and always offered me book suggestions, “Heaven is for Real” was a great one, it would come in handy later. So between the book suggestions and her preaching to me, I started questioning her behavior. I asked if her first child was a “miracle”, then how was the second one a miracle? ..since she knew she could get pregnant at that point. She would post that it is better for me to “believe” than not, because… what if? And I explained Pascal’s wager. It was going back and forth for a while… that is… until I got a “Miracle” of my own. I was getting tired of the back and forth and no longer wanted to stay tuned into this reality show anymore!

It was around the time that the child behind “Heaven is for Real” admitted he lied. I tracked down her original post to my wall claiming this was proof of god. I posted the link to the news report of the child admitting he lied and I asked “Does this mean Heaven is no longer real?”

….I was in-friended and never heard from her again.

And these are the days of our lives… πŸ™‚