I’m not quite sure why I decided to write this the morning of Christmas eve but I’m up early and the thought popped into my head.

I struggle sometimes!

If you follow me on facebook, you will know that I post about my son’s accomplishments, my own accomplishments and those of my wife’s. A wonderful family! A wonderful Dad! a talented son. I have many facebook friends, I reach out to them from time to time, just to send a message to let them know I am thinking of them but outside of Facebook, I’m totally awkward in “Public-Book”.

You never hear that I had to take away my son’s electronics because he broke some household rule, or that I got angry that my word was not taken as law, or that all the holidays goodies has caused me to GAIN weight, lol. or how hectic the life of a parent of an active high schooler really is!

You hear that I work out every gosh darn day but you never hear (too often) that sometimes I am in pain. You see me post positive thoughts but I never post when I am feeling negative, it sounds like I am in focus, right? but do you ever hear me when I feel like I have lost focus… I do, I do lose focus.

So, don’t take my facebook postings as meaning I’m living a wonderful life, it is an illusion. That being said, I think 2016 I made progress and look forward to a better 2017. I know who I want to be, it is just so difficult getting there. Hopefully I will get around to writing a blog about my thoughts for 2016 and my expectations for 2017.

In my inbox the other day, I received a holiday wish from one of my friends who I haven’t seen in… 20 or so years but we email back and forth every once in a while. The epitome of this message is one of the reasons I like to reach out to people. Here is how she ended her message:
I don’t know about you but I’m (undisclosed age) lol and at first I was like, “I’m not in high school anymore” but then I thought, I need to treasure this sentiment. Someone has just personalized a message to me and it feels really nice that someone thinks this way about me. Ten years ago, I moved 750 miles away from my home town, family, friends and acquaintances and I think this is one thing I miss, those words of sentiment you may hear by being close to those people. Sometimes at random, I might send someone a message, hoping to strike up a conversation, or to let them know I am thinking of them. It is too far and few in between that I, myself, get a message from someone like that. Maybe If I start expressing sentiment to others, it will catch on like wild fire and soon, I may get a message expressing something like what my friend Sandy did.

Sneak peak into 2017, and something I tried to start in 2016, let others know you are thinking of them. Sometimes hidden behind a Happy Facebook smiley is someone who needs really needs a smiley back 🙂