This is an embarrassment! I wrote on a friends social media page that it is embarrassing to think of the the cast of characters we have had over the past year or so and to wonder if this is the best we could muster up?

For the past 230+ years, no one dare say America was not the best country in the world, It was patriotic to say we were the greatest country in the world, anyone who disagreed was labelled a Nazi or treasonous! But somewhere along the line it became politically fashionable to say one President changed all that, now “patriotic” people say America is no longer great but if we elect one specific candidate, we can make America great again!

The issues we are having in America is not the fault of any one President, not any one politician but the system as a whole.

You basically have two options. Republican or Democratic. Two parties who no longer know how to work together, dysfunctional! Very little do you see anyone crossing party lines, if you do, if you work with the other side, you are branded a Dino or a Rino (D/R In Name Only)

We wonder why our country is divided and divisive. It is the politics of the country to turn one group of people against the other. Our politicians pit Liberal vs Conservative, Black vs. White, Black vs. Blue, Religious vs Non-Religious, Immigrant vs. Citizen, LGBT vs those who do not approve of them. If I was a Minority in any of these issues or a Muslim in this country, I would feel unwelcome! Each side has been instilled with fear from the very people who are suppose to serve them. AND along with their fear is a certain gullibility that they will believe and repeat anything their party wants them to believe.

Knowing what politics is about makes me wonder why so many people are easily manipulated by it. It makes me wonder why they give into fear and make way for hate.

You can count me out, unless we write in “None of the Above”.