I woke up in the middle of the night for this one and had to get my thoughts out. I welcome your comments on the topic because I am still sorting things out myself.

There is a grand ole debate between theists and atheists. Many misuse logic, utilize word salad and go to great lengths to prove the other wrong. The only conclusion I ever see come from these debates is, the theist can no more prove their god than the atheist can disprove the theist claim.

When it comes down to the Big Bang vs Creation, no one can honestly state for a fact the exact cause for the universe. Sure there are creation theories, scientific theories, some conjecture and some stories in a variety of religious text but none of this is absolute proof. We are left to decide which is true and normally it follows our worldview.

The same thing could be said for a “god”…
(Note: There could be many definitions for a god but I will stick with the Abrahamic (God of Christian, Judea, Islam) God. (First definition I found: “the creator and ruler of the universe and source of all moral authority; the supreme being.”))
…No Matter how you slice it, there is no definitive proof of a god and to use use a theist argument, how can you really know there is no god unless you know everything. I understand that upon making this statement, it could lead to a never ending debate.. and that is the point. The debate always leads to one side never being able to convince the other and thus, there is no definitive proof of either claim.

If, intellectually, we cannot determine the positive or negative existence of a god, why do a majority of people take a positive or negative position? The same could be said about how the world came to be. Of course, in this case, those taking a positive claim to god generally go with the creation claim.

I’m looking for a term to describe the middle ground in the examples above. Would agnosticism be the best term? A quick search on the interwebs 🙂 produced a few websites that stated agnosticism is not really accurate to describe this neutral position (Rather, they called it a weak position) but I found it fit well. If there is another term for it, please share your thoughts.

This was not written to debate the fine points of the God debate or how the world came to be but to be able to put a term to the middle ground. and perhaps discuss said middle ground.