Aside from this blog, I contribute to another blog for the South Bend Adventure Club. Yeah, okay, take  few minutes to check it out and then come back 🙂
I have been wanting to start writing about my own adventures without hijacking the clubs blog. Instead of starting a separate blog, what better place to tell my story than Story4Today?

Many people think there isn’t much to do in the South Bend (Indiana) area, I thought the same thing when I moved out here but I found out there are plenty of things to do in South Bend and the surrounding area. Joining the South Bend Adventure Club back in 2013 really opened my eyes to the opportunities for adventure. As some of you know, almost 15 years ago I walked into the woods a downtrodden young man and emerged a new man with a new plan! I met a ton of friends through my adventures while I lived in New York (Long Island) but it was slow going after I moved to the Midwest. But I met the founder of the South Bend Adventure Club, learned a great many things, met many great people who love to do what I do… get lost in the woods.

Did any of you know I am planning to hike part of the Appalachian Trail? In May I am going to spend 3 or 4 days hiking and camping in Massachusetts. Starting about the base of Mt Greylock, hiking to the top (3,500 feet!). Heading North to South. I think it will be at a leisurely pace, camping and Geocaching along the way. This will be a first for me. I have camped before for a day or two but places that had the comforts of home… such as my car being 100 yards away! This time, I am living out of my tent for three or four days. I’m hoping this experience will open me up to more hiking/camping trips.

In todays blog, I wanted to cover some places I have been training for my Appalachian trail hike. I have been using Indiana Dunes and Warren Dunes (Michigan) as my training grounds. Northern Indiana isn’t exactly mountainous so I have to go to where the terrain will be an adequate challenge. Indiana dunes and Warren Dunes are both about 45 minutes from South Bend and can be a great challenge on those legs! I heard the Knobstone Trail in Southern Indiana is also a good place to train for hikes such as the AT but for me, it is about 5 hours south of where I live. (But I do want to hike it in the future!) Warren Dunes in particular is a place that I have spent the past 4 weekends hiking at. It is a great combination of things I might see in New York such as sand, water, woods and hiking trails. Each time I visit, I find a new trail that I follow which leads to some beautiful scenery. I won’t bore you with details now. I will just leave you with some pictures of what I saw with my own eyes today. I will add more discussion of adventure in future blogs. I hope you enjoy!