I usually post in threes. The theme today is a continuation of “suffering” (Life is Suffering) and for the last week I have experienced some suffering of my own. I have been experiencing cold/flu symptoms. I also practiced being positive.

Whenever I found myself being a big baby and started to complain about how I felt, I turned it around. “Suffering” or sickness is to be expected, we are human! and I’m not sure how many humans can go their whole life without ever getting sick. You can accept that you are sick and make the most of it or you can complain to yourself all day and all week and treat it like the most horrible thing you have ever gone through.

I felt the negativity creep in and I kept it at bay by telling myself that these symptoms I was experiencing was my bodies way of healing itself, the cells in my body were fighting off the germs. This line of thinking helped but about midway through my symptoms, I had one really bad day. I tried not to take a day off but this day my symptoms were really bad, I ended up taking a day off, having plenty of fluids, soup, tea, orange juice and just relaxing. I don’t take many relaxing days…especially since I love to hike and adventure, so a “relaxing’ day often means exertion! 🙂 but on this day, it was total bed rest. It worked! During the afternoon hours, it was as if I wasn’t sick at all!… but then 7pm approached and the symptoms started coming back! …and it’s pretty ironic because it was Wednesday! Hump Day! Maybe I got over the hump of this cold or flu and I will now experience less and less symptoms. I’m not totally out of the woods yet but I’m feeling pretty good mentally.

We have all heard the story of someone who is terminally ill and although they are obviously suffering, they simply refuse to be negative about it. They want to enjoy the time they have. Why does this happen? How can they be so positive when so many people who have a common cold go through a self imposed misery?!?

Life is Suffering! The human body does not cooperate sometimes. If we can accept that, in life, there is sickness and all humans experience it. We can realize that it need not be a negative experience. You don’t need to jump for joy over it, but jumping for joy would probably make you feel better about feeling sick 🙂