I’ve been asking myself this very question recently. In the last 10+ years I have run the gamut of quitting smoking, quitting drinking, quitting caffeine, various nutritional changes (low cal, low fat, low carb, vegetarian, vegan). I go on weekend adventures including hikes, bike rides, have run several 5k, 10k races and a half marathon. No matter how good I eat and how much I exercise, it’s a fact I’m still getting old! I’m still experiencing age related changes.

It’s like a race with no end, a goal with the goal posts continuously being moved. The worst part about it is the feeling that after a hard workout or challenging hike, I could be suffering for a day or two afterwards, thus making me feel my age (or older). I have to wonder how long I can keep it up and if I will ever find the balance of calories and exercise.

What is the end game? Is any of it going to matter? Will this help me live a longer and give me a better quality life? or am I just extending my life just a day or two?

I’m not sure where to find the balance but if I take the advice I blogged about in my last blog: Tread Lightly- Zen , If I tread lightly and enjoy life, I need not worry about the quantity of life because I will experience Quality of Life, Right?! …Sorry, my mind is still stuck on finding the balance. This will definitely be a work in progress! 🙂

Something to think about for today!