It’s somewhat strange, okay, it is absolutely strange, my relationship with Wendy. Hey, Charlie Brown was in the love with the little red haired girl, why can’t I have something special? I was introduced to Wendy, likely when she moved in to Franklin Square, New York. According to the Wiki page Wendy “the entity’ and I are about the same age! She had sent me an invitation in the mail to come visit her and have a burger! She knew the way to my heart. Love was in the air and I went to visit. True to the slogin, she was hot and juicy! aahh love!

This isn’t getting creepy is it?

Years would go by and we established a pretty decent relationship. Unfortunately I could not always see her, sometimes I had to hang out with my friends Ronald.. lol, what a clown! He wasn’t as bad as Jack…he had a weird habit. He would hide under things or inside things like boxes and jump out! I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to laugh or cry! My friend Roy was pretty cool, had a horse, guns and owned the Double-R-Bar. Good times.

But… then I would visit Wendy. She had me try something new, it was a Chicken Club with Cheese! so awesome. I think based on this sandwich alone, I spent nearly the entire summer with her. Strangely around November, I thought she was fattening me up for some reason. Not only with the Chicken Club but with Fries and at that point, she started serving me Frosty’s. I was always near 180 lbs but as the relationship went on, I found myself tipping the scales at 200. I felt pretty lethargic too!

Years went by, I tried to break it off but she started making it spicy! She had no shame, neither did I! I tried to break it off again but it was always “One more, for old times sake!?”. Gosh, how could I resist?

Truth be told, I did manage to escape this relationship but you know how things are. Occasionally you are going to bump into someone. The toughest part was when friends started bringing her over.

Today, I felt a little sentimental. I was short on time but just felt an urge, had to have her. I was glad to hear she settled down. Met Son of Baconator, he takes after his Dad.

What? Lol? Have a great day!