I’ve been writing about Atheism recently but the blog came about due to my venture into Buddhism. Some people may scratch their heads how one can be compatible with the other, some consider Buddhism a religion but others consider it as a philosophy. You can follow any religion and can still instill Buddhist philosophy in your life.

Despite scoffing at most beliefs in a higher power, my analytical mind was a great fit for Buddhism. The only higher power I believe in, after all, is the mind. Let’s face it, when people are down on their luck, looking for help, need an added push, they often look to a higher power. That “higher power” originates in the mind.

Buddhism is a great way to analyze what makes you negative and helps to bring out a positive outlook.

I take a more secular approach to Buddhism. When I listen to a talk that involved heaven and hell realms, I think of these as stages in life or states of mind. When the talk covers Karma, I view this as you get what you give. If you are a good person, you tend to make your environment a good place. People will like you. If you are a bad person, you will negatively effect people and your surroundings. People will not like you! You may have heard me talk about “Future Lives”, in some instances I consider that different stages of your current life or I equate it to becoming part of the earth. I’ve covered it a few times but most recently (((here))).

Buddhism is not one size fits all, when you follow the philosophy you personally craft it to what works for you. We all may have similar sufferings but how it effects our mind is often different. The solutions to our suffering also vary from person to person, the bottom line, if your looking for self discovery, Buddhism is a great tool.

Having experienced a great deal of stress in my life and even having Panic/Anxiety attacks in the past, I find meditation therapeutic. While there is many different types of meditation, I enjoy sitting in silence breathing in clean, positive air and breathing out the polluted, negative air. It need not be spiritual, just mindful 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving!