In recent times I have received a flurry of messages asking my thoughts on certain topics, I really enjoy reading these messages and responding with a non-biased and educational answer.

Lately, the world stage has offered a challenge because you have people who want to spread “Love’ and people who just want to “Hate”. We need only look at the Middle East as proof that hate has never solved any of their problems.

As is typical after tragedy, so many people are pointing the fingers to blame those they hate. People want to blame the refugees who are fleeing their home land because of ISIS. Haters blame the Muslim people as a whole when this is being done by a group who have have perverted their religion to spread hate. People will blame President Obama because they simply do not like him. Politicians looking to score some cheap political points are also quick to place the blame on the President. Those who come to the defense of the refugees, Muslims and the President also find themselves in the crossfire of the haters. Those who say choose love over hate also find themselves being berated for their beliefs.

If hate didn’t exist, there would be no war!

I’m not saying we need to embrace those that are killing us. I’m not saying we need do nothing. What I am saying is if we teach everyone to have compassion for human life, to love instead of hate, teach our children to accept that we all have different beliefs and that “hate” is faulty, then eventually we will have a world of piece.


I know my answer is flawed. There are people with a pessimistic disposition, there are those who find the negative in everything. As a race we need to point out that hate is an ugly disposition. What else can we do? Respond to hate with love? It is definitely better than returning hate with hate.  Just stop hating! Stop Blaming!

Hopefully I can convince atleast one person with my message, spread the word! 🙂


Photo Credit: Svetlana Martini (Website Image)