Year after year, the Christmas holiday season begins earlier and earlier. In recent years the holiday season kicked off the day after Thanksgiving, “Black Friday”. This year we went shopping before Halloween and noticed that seasonal aisle not only had candy but Christmas decorations already up. Is a full two months enough to prepare for Christmas or should we REALLY have a Christmas in July? đŸ™‚

The earlier the season kick off begins, the earlier we hear the utterances of “The War On Christmas”. You see, there is no war on Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice, Yule, Saturnalia, Dies Natalis Solis Invicti and thanks to Seinfeld, “Festivus for the rest of us”! This holiday season has become so secularized that pretty much everyone is celebrating it. No one has cornered the market on the season and no one has cornered the market on the reason to celebrate. Strangely, the only ones complaining about a “War”, are those who hold the majority religion in this country.

I didn’t really want to blog about it but how many people are getting tired of hearing how this ever expanding time of year belongs to one specific group? How the term that has been used throughout the ages “Happy Holidays” is now considered being politically correct, how any attempt to include everyone is an act of war against their religion! It is getting ridiculous!

…and as ridiculous as this has become, it is equally ironic that many of the symbols of Christmas are taken from other religions and winter celebrations.  The only war on Christmas is being waged by those who want it inclusive, can’t we all get along and celebrate together?