I woke up at 4am and tried to be quiet but between the grinding of coffee and two dogs who wanted to play, my wife woke up feeling under the weather. I wasn’t planning yet to go out and run but my son also woke up and everyone started to get their gear on, ready to run. I stepped outside and it was near 40 degrees, I dressed for the cold knowing I would probably get overheated half way through my run.

My runs are twice a week. One short run, one long run, it is the only way I can prevent from getting injured right now. My goal today is 6 miles but I always joke I will run anywhere between a half mile and the goal of 6 miles. We drove down to the Mishawaka riverwalk and started our stretch. I normally start my first mile off slowly with my wife but since she was feeling under the weather, she was doing somewhat of a speed walk, my son took off pretty quickly and as such I figured my best pace was my own pace. Around the first half mile there is a bridge you cross and I have always noticed the “red” lights on it but today was the first day I noticed that the colors change.. Red, Orange, Green, Blue.. a positive smile. I was listening to some tunes on my iPhone. A combination of Julian Lennon, Axel F, Top Gun Sound Track, Ringo Starr, Habib Koite, different sounds for my mindful run, lol.

A mile into the run, I finally felt warm, around mile 3 I caught up to my son at the point he was taking the half mile walk back to the car to recover. around mile 3 I struggled to control my breath for a while but once I hit my 4th mile, I felt I was breathing easy! Right around mile 5, I stopped the music and let my thoughts lead me to mile 6. As I was near mile 6, I felt like I could do more but I don’t want to keep making the mistake over over doing it, AKA “Over Training”. When I checked my app, what I thought was my 6th mile my app was reporting 6.5 miles and thinking about it, yeah, maybe I did that extra half. I felt good! The thoughts of the Chicago Marathon is popping in my head again…

What is with that Food picture on my blog? I got the crazy idea that making Salmon, Curried Brown Rice and having it on two tortilla’s would be an awesome breakfast, lol… am I the only one? I took left over spinach and green peppers and tossed it in the rice as well.

I’m on twitter! ( @story4today2 )For a computer professional… I never really had the need to do more than one social network but someone asked me if my blog was reposted on Twitter and… it wasn’t. I figured I would expand.

and a final note. I got around to checking out the statistics on my blog posts, although they are not really of interest to me, I did find my talks on Buddhism and Atheism are the biggest draws on my account. Do you, my reader, want more of my thoughts on that? or is the mix better?

Have a great day, Namaste!