Today I wonder if there are friends or acquaintances of mine, who have read my blog and didn’t like what I have been writing. I don’t wonder about it too often because it’s not something I can change, your mind.

I write in hopes I can put a thought in my audiences mind and they may reflect on their own actions. When I write something like “a Christian stated I would burn in hell”, it is not a reflection on the Christian teachings, it is a reflection on that person. Why do they allow themselves to suffer from someone having a different belief. There are countless different beliefs in the US and worldwide, why do people concentrate so much on differences and not similarities? When a Christian makes derogatory comments about the “Jewish” or “Muslim” god (and visa versa), I shake my head, they are all the same Abrahamic god. If you are Muslim and making a derogatory comment about the Christian god (or visa versa), you are in effect making that derogatory remark about your own god. I’m not singling out Christians, when I hear “ISIS” is threatening lives of Christians who don’t convert, I have to shake my head, same god! and at the same time, some of the religious teachings between the Quran and Old Testament are, for all intents and purposes, are the same. I think the issue is that people corrupt their religious beliefs and hold their religion above all others.

(Ring…ring…) “Hello, yes, uh-huh, okay, HE IS NOT, David did not convert to being Muslim, ….he is taking Buddhism classes”.

That was the Christian/Conservative branch of the family checking in. Sometimes I have to wonder if just being a neutral party causes more conflict than anything. Case in point, If I was neutral about all religion, philosophies and world views and made the suggestion that all of these systems of ethics are taught in school… I would likely received a great deal of negative feedback. Teach the children everything, let them make their own decisions when they are old enough or allow them to live their life in contemplation and let’s see what they decide for themselves.

What is wrong with allowing children to grow up making these decisions for themselves? Maybe like Women’s Rights and Civil Rights, children will come to understand others. Maybe they will be more accepting of different views. Maybe the end result will be less hate…. but we can’t have that because “My religion is the only true religion and my children WILL follow in my footsteps”. Is a child any less of a human being, or less ethical if they choose a religion, worldview or philosophy that better suits them or differs from their parents?

Well… Do you not like what I write? I’m here to challenge your reasoning. If you don’t want to think, stop reading.

To be honest, I think adults are currently too conflicted about education right now (Education has been politicized) and adding the politics of religion will just lead to more confusion. I’m all for a course given in the public domain to teach children the ins and outs of different religions, worldviews and philosophies. In fact, I think religious organizations should also be involved in this course as well. Is it wrong to give children a non-biased view of the world?

I think not.