You think you are safe at work? in public? Like Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists who may be all around you, you will likely interact with an Atheist during your day. Don’t fret, Atheists are good people! They are friendly! They won’t eat your babies! You may have heard or assumed bad things but it’s all a misconception.

The misconception explained: Every “religion” has good and bad people. People who are outspoken, People who don’t bother others with their beliefs and others who just don’t practice. Some religious people think everyone should believe what they believe, to the point to which they state others will go to hell for not believing the same and there is the flip side, people who follow their religion without trying to shame others. The same with Atheists. There are some who will fight for elbow room, they want their views to be equal to all others and on the flip side, some who will say nothing because they are not accepted in the United States. It’s unfortunate that these Atheists have to live in the shadows, afraid to come out, our Federal Government guarantees “religious” liberty but unless you are part of the majority, you are looked down upon.

Imagine for a moment that you were part of a minority and that you were not treated equally despite living in America. What would you do? I think the recent decade of atheist advertisements, books and publicity is an attempt to “normalize” atheism, to help people understand that there is a group of people not being represented. There are those who are not coming out as atheist because of feared reprisals such as losing friends, acquaintances and/or employment.

Recently I have seen messages calling for a return of “God” in school but knowing this country is a mix of many different religions and worldviews, which God do we choose? On that note, I disagree with those sentiments. However, if it is going to be discussed, why not discuss covering ALL religions and worldviews. Teach the children about Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Taoism, Humanism and Atheism (etc, etc). Allow the children to be introduced to all without indoctrination. I’m quite certain that parents with strong conviction to one religion will now allow this. My thought is that the children will learn that we all have different worldviews and they will be accepting of all.

Let’s coexist and learn from one another!