The focus of my recent blogs has been health and exercise. See for my previous blog.

One of the items I failed to mention is the lifetime commitment. I can’t tell you how many times in my life I have set a goal to lose weight and exercise. Unfortunately, when I have met my goal I got lax in my healthy eating or exercising and guess what? The weight went up and the energy levels decreased. Before I know it, a year has gone by, my couch has a dent in it from me sitting in it. All that I gained physically, gone. Eventually, I drag myself away from the couch, start eating healthy and start exercising again.

Each time I start exercising again, I am reminded of how difficult it was to get started, to condition myself to the point where everything was not a struggle. In 3 years I had trained myself to run 18 miles but in the beginning, just running 100 yards would leave me out of breath. Around the time I reached the 18 mile run I suffered from some running related injuries and decided to stop running. A year later, running a 1/4 mile was exhausing! I lost all that conditioning! I started running again a few months ago and it was a struggle to get back into condition but just last weekend I ran 5 miles.

Weight is the same way, you work so hard to lose that weight and when you reach your goal, you get lax. Then you gain the weight back, then you want to lose the weight again and it seems like it is a never ending process. The most ironic thing about the last time I aimed to lose weight was my “Goal Reward”. If I got down under 180 Pounds, I was going to “Reward” myself with FOOD!!! A Japanese Restaraunt that the cook prepares your meal right in front of you! I’m sure that would have been good for 1200 to 1800 calories!

 Why not just make it a lifetime commitment?
Seriously! You don’t have to jump in all at once, you don’t have to set arbitrary goals just start making small adjustments in your life.

Start adding some sort of exercise to your daily life. It could be walking during your lunch. If you can’t walk due to the weather, try to stretch, maybe some light weights or calisthenics. Start off small to get into the habit, make it a daily routine. Dedicate 5 minutes to it a day. After a week, add another 5 minutes, if you start with some light weights add a little more weight. Walk further, walk/jog, jog or run. Do something different each day to break up the monotony.

I find the most difficult part of diet is… food. I love food! I think the biggest mistake people make is under estimating their calories. You can eat the healthiest food but take in more calories than you need. A salad is great but the dressing you put on it can be to blame. I have seen 120 calories per 2 Tablespoons! I have literally poured salad dressing on my salads in the past! Don’t forget the oil you put in your pan; 1 Tablespoon is around 120 calories! Look at the serving sizes on the foods you are eating. Sometimes 10 chips are 150 calories… and I’ve already eaten half the bag, lol

You can find a calorie counting website just by doing a search, the ones I have used:

I have a fitbit so it comes as part of my membership. On the most part, I can enter a brand named food and it will already be listed in their database. If it is not, I can add it manually. They can track your weight, calories and exercise. It only takes a few minutes a day and you can compare your weight with the calories you have taken in. These are great tools to help you.

The key to everything is how much commitment you are going to put into it. If you want to make it a lifetime commitment, you will go through all the trouble of getting over the physical exercise hump and you will dedicate the time to figuring out what you are putting in your body

It takes a good balance of eating right and exercising to lose weight. It takes commitment to keep it going. Do it for yourself and do it for life!