A month or two ago a friend commented “…Maybe I’m the problem” and it has sort of stuck with me. I have been racking my brain about self improvement and have to ask myself the question, “Am I the problem?”.

I work in the computer field, I deal with multiple personalities (including several of my own, lol), even outside of work I deal with a great many different personalities and I will admit that, yes, I sometimes get frustrated by those personalities especially those that I do not understand. I can get angry, frustrated and annoyed by these different personalities but in the end… who is causing the anger, frustration and annoyance? It is caused within my own mind. I AM the problem.

I dated a girl years ago (err… make that like 15 years ago) who pushed my buttons. She knew exactly what made me angry and she would often push the big button that stated “Anger!”. Friends noticed that she would get the best of me but at the end of the day, I let her manipulate me into anger. I was the problem.

If you are unhappy, angry, upset, frustrated, annoyed…etc, You need to understand that these emotions come from your mind and while there may be external forces at work, ultimately, you ARE the problem. Correct it!