I belong to the South Bend Adventure Club, where we go on various adventures in and around South Bend. I have had some great experiences with the club but there is one special trip I make each year that I cannot do without, a trip back to my home state of New York, Long Island to be specific and to pinpoint, Floral Park:

I grew up in this little hamlet and based on all my experiences growing up, it keeps me coming back. While the areas around Floral Park keep changing, Floral Park always seems to stay the same. I know every time I visit, I can see a familiar face from yester-year!

Over the course of 10 years, I have returned time and time again to this magical place. Early on it was to go on Adventures with my friends but as my son got older, I took him on adventures. Each year I plan on doing things that New Yorkers may do during the course of their lives.I have taken him hiking, the the beach, to a Yankees game, to a Mets game, to Montauk Point, to see the Empire States building, theme restaurants such as the now closed Mars 2112 (a restaurant that is themed on having dinner on Mars- Including “elevator” trip there), To Central Park, to all the NYC Themed stores such as the M&M Store, The Nintendo Store, Lego Store..etc.

This past trip we went fishing out of Freeport, had lunch at Bracco’s on the Nautical Mile (right on the inlet), we then headed over to Jones Beach (Field 6) where.. my son who tends to be timid around water surprised me. I showed him how to jump over or through some of the larger waves and he absolutely did not want to get out of the water. I think both him and I kept shouting “Wah-hooo” as we battled wave after wave after wave. He did not want to get out of the water! The next day we went to Belmont Racetrack to see and bet on the Thoroughbreds! We played Stickball at my old Elementary school, John Lewis Childs School and I gave my family a tour around the outside of the building. We had lunch where my nephew works Sempre Fame BBQ, I went to the St. Gregory the Great Festival in Bellerose where my son, again, surprised me. He went on the ride that spins around and pins you to the wall TWICE! as well as the “Swinger”. He won a few stuffed animals and I really wanted him to try Zepoles but by the time we thought about it, the line was extremely long. We went into NYC and visited the Freedom tower and various places in Time Square. We finished off our stay upstate in Westchester, NY. I went on an evening fishing trip with my Brother in law, brother and nephew and the next day we spent time with family including a BBQ, Port and Cigars.

It was such a great trip, I even got to see a Geocaching/Hiking/Kayaking buddy who I haven’t seen in a few years. It’s always great when you can catch up with friends and I think each trip I make, someone surprised me by just coming out to see me. I miss NY and wish I could come back, or come back more often, alas, I would need a small infusion of money to do that 🙂 NY, I miss you! Maybe someday you can visit me? 🙂

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