Members of the South Bend Adventure Club attended a event hosted by Fernwood Botanical Gardens and run by the group “The Geo-Cats”. As I was heading there, I wondered if the weather would dampen the interest in the event but once there, the clouds made way to partly sunny skies. There were approximately 30 people in attendance including 4 SBAC members.

The event and all of the 11 geocaches were themed on the book(s) “Where’s Wally”. The event started by giving away door prizes such as a free Fernwood membership, mystery bags (for kids) T-shirts and various other geocaching swag. Then members of the Geo-Cats group gave a powerpoint presentation on the in’s and out’s of Geocaching.

Afterwards I took a group of 3 out to find the 11 “Where’s Wally” themed Geocaches as well as 2 “Earth Caches”. Earth Caches are usually not a physical cache but something geared towards “Earth Science”. At the Water Wheel geocache, we had to take a thermometer and report the temperature of a location where two natural springs meet. At another Geocache we had to answer some questions about the location in order to get credit for the find. The hike was about 3 1/2 miles and with the time it took to find all the geocaches, it took about 3 hours. The Geocaches ranged in size from a pill/bison tube to an ammo can. Most of the geocaches were easy to find but there were others that were quite challenging. I don’t want to give too much away but there was one geocache that was themed to Wally’s dog “Woof”… you had to find his tail! and a tree was decorated with multiple “Tail” choices.. only one contained the real geocache!

Some highlights from members was finding two fawns, seeing a turkey with it’s turklets 🙂 seeing a turtle in a pond, frogs, toads, birds and chipmunks. We had a great time!
(EDITED TO ADD) The South Bend Adventure Club now has an official Geocache! I hid this with members who attended the Geocaching event two weeks ago:  Adventure Time!