I was once skeptical of my religion and became an Atheist. I grew tired of labels and became an individual. I didn’t enjoy being a part of religion that claimed everyone else but those exclusive to the “club” were wrong. I didn’t enjoy being part of a worldview that claimed anyone who held religious beliefs were wrong. The truth is out there but we just don’t know what it is. Truth is not just two sides of a story, truth is multifaceted but we are usually forced to take one side or another.

Last weekend I attended a discussion between “Skeptics” and “Christians”. I was interested in hearing what each side had to offer and to see if they could find common ground. It took a good hour for each group to accept the definition of “Faith” depends on the individual. It wasn’t too long afterwards that the “Christians” made innuendo’s about skeptics and the skeptics made innuendos about fairy tale creatures. I felt the jabs of both parties like an insult to my intelligence. The one thing I took away from the whole event was Am I alone in my thoughts?

Throughout my self discovery, I have often felt that Creation is a story and the Big Bang was a theory. No one knows for sure how the world came to be yet we butt heads claiming we do. I am more than happy to admit that I don’t know the circumstances but that we are here and we should be accepting of one another.

During the past week I attended a Buddhist teaching. Before anyone points out that this has been a Buddhism related blog, do understand my background of being religious, being atheist and at this point I am merely a “student’ of worldviews and theism. During the teaching the teacher said something astonishing “Our Mind Is The Creator”! It blew my mind. Think about it, no one knows factually how the Earth/World/Life came to be. The only thing that seems to be true is what our mind was trained to believe. If you deny what you were taught, you have created your own version of “Creation”. “Our Mind Is The Creator”

So when I asked, Am I alone in my thoughts? I really mean that. Is there anyone else who understands the concept I have explained above? Are there others who are satisfied not knowing the bigger picture? Who are willing to learn the story that others have to tell but at the same time do not need to prescribe to any one view.

Self discovery is awesome but it does not need to be done at the detriment of others. After all, each individual is on their own path of self discovery!