The original title of the below poem is “Can’t Say Goodbye”, it was written when I was in my twenties. It was published along with many other submitted poems in a book that, frankly, I think only the people who purchased the book was those who made submissions to it. It was a thrilling feeling, though, to see my name and my poem in a book.

Upon reading the poem, you will find it could apply to any situation. death, a young adult leaving home to go off to college, or be on their own or it could be a failed relationship. I wrote it for a failed relationship but shared it with my friends mother when her son moved out of the house and she was an empty nester and I read it at my mothers funeral.

Recently, The Unitarian Universalist church (UU that is not bound by a dogma) announced they were looking for people to submit and/or read poems. This poem flashed into my mind. It’s been tucked away for a while and think it would be meaningful for others to hear, I’m just not sure I want to read it. Since it was written 20 years ago, I went through the poem and think it needed a refresh. I changed a word or two and instead of calling it “Can’t say Goodbye”, I am officially changing it to “It’s Hard To Let Go” (Revision 2)

It’s Hard To Let Go:

The little sparrow has spread its wings
and now soars up into the sky
when I think of that little empty nest
tears run down my cheek as I begin to cry.

The nest you have kept so warm
will seem so cold without you
I will cuddle up with twigs and leaves
I just wish I didn’t have to.

Your have taken off on your own
fly baby fly
enjoy the life, tranquility
even if you fail, just try.

Life is changing everyday
each moment a new beginning
I know in my heart each step you take
you will always come out singing.

So swoop down low and get some yarn
and build a big, beautiful nest
I know in my heart, all the wonderful things
and baby, you deserve the best.