I started writing this and started discussing how judgmental my in-laws were against me but that’s a story for another day. Let me stick to the RFRA and discuss why this was a bill written by one group trying to be judgmental of another.

I am excited to announce that the wording of the Indiana RFRA (Religious Freedom Restoration Act) is being re-worked. It was great to see my friends, not only in Indiana, but across the country joined together in unity over this farce of a bill. I don’t even think, in this day and age, a bill like this should be introduced. But it was by one group looking to take leverage over another.

The issue did not start with the RFRA, it started with a group of people who think that laws in the US should match their religious beliefs. It also comes from politicians who push the buttons of religious people to vote for their party. Politicians take advantage of different groups because they are so easily manipulated.

When they found they could not make abortion illegal, they began to put restrictions on providers. If those restrictions did not close down the clinics, they made additional restriction. They will continue to make restrictions until they get their own way.

Currently they want to do the same to the AHCA (Affordability Heath care Act). They want to place restrictions on the bill so all Americans cannot have equal access to health care.

Fortunately, while crafting a bill that would allow one group to discriminate against another, people across America has made their voices loud and clear. We will not put up with religious based discrimination!

We are one country, every American should have equal rights. If we allow religion to dictate our laws, we are going to have one group making laws that are not applicable to others. Stop the madness and continue to speak up!