I mentioned in a few of my original blogs, this would be my sandbox. It was my learning tool and hoped to have “community” involvement to discuss various Buddhism topics. Today, the topic is Ego. I’m not sure why I can’t fully grasp the topic of Ego. It seems very complicated. I would certainly like to do away with ego and treat every single person (Animal, Insect, Plant..etc) the same as me but the concept seems so far from what I have been doing my whole life.

It is even hard for me to detect my own Ego because I cannot 100% define it. I work with computers so each day I am faced with situations where I think an end user should know better (ie) than to download anything from the Internet. In the car I may think I have better driving skills than others, even in every  day life I think people should have more common sense.. But in Buddhism, the very same people my ego arises for, are said to be my equals, they are the same as me. You have the young, the old, the infirm and various different personalities (and everything in between) — I judge people, how do I stop? How do I stop attaching labels? How do I recognize this and stop ego?

I brought this up the other day in class. You are on a job interview and you want the job but there are 100 other candidates vying for the same job. How could I not want the others to stumble? How could I not want myself to succeed? I know the correct answer is that we should hope everyone does well and thanks to the good Karma I have built up, I received the job offer. But if I don’t, I should be happy and that other person probably had the better Karma that day? Am I right in my thinking?

What else am I missing with Ego? I fully admit I don’t have a full grasp on this topic. There are probably examples that I do that are right under my nose that I am missing. Circle in the sand… What says you?