I am going to write two separate entries in my blog today. One is going to be a review of the blogs I posted with a one week challenge, the other will discuss the Five Precepts. The aim of my blog is an uncomplicated sandbox to discuss Buddhism but I also want to teach/learn/listen to what others have to say. With that in mind….

My first Four blog posts covered the Four Noble Truths:

Life is Suffering

The origins of suffering

The succession of suffering

and the path to end suffering

In each post I gave some homework. Not knowing if anyone took the opportunity to do the “homework”, I am now asking everyone to take the one week challenge (including my wife).  What I would like to see is everyone grabbing a notepad or a few sheets of paper, write down the things that make you suffer (anger, greed, jealous..etc) Then I would like you to analyze and makes notes concerning those feelings and where they are coming from and why you are feeling that way. Then make notes on what you can do to eliminate your sufferings. Throughout the week, keep working on your list and work at eliminating those sufferings. If it helps, review, practice and in your notes refer to how the Noble Eightfold Path applies to your list.

I have found that if I remain vigilant and mindful of what gets me down, I can work to… change my frown, upside down. I can ask myself if a situation is worth getting angry over, look at the situation objectively and find a way to be happy or positive about it. It takes practice to adjust your frame of mind and if you truly want to change, you can turn this one week challenge to a two week challenge and if you really want to change, continue to take on the challenge. Pass it along to your friends and lets see if we can get a trend going.